Pria Tajir Company

an independent Online Media Buying Agency.

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We drive quality traffic with creative idea & plan to provide low risk high ROI marketing.

Pria Tajir Company was founded by Sudarmono in July 2015. With a background Information of Technology and Design Communication & Visual that already have work experience since 2012 in a local Advertising Agency then We make online Advertising Agency.

Our Services

Media Planning & Buying

We have a lot of media partners that intertwine in the Internet world without limits. We were able to run the ad campaign all over the world. Our success measurement is result from the success or failure of an advertising campaign that we have planned and practiced previously.

Market Research

Culture is our keyword marketing research. Because we strongly believe that every country has a different culture. With networking capabilities that we have, research can be done with some Methods depending on the product or service that we market.

Campaign Development

We have a solid team and efficient. Strong in the process of creativity, ideas, and ad copy that will be used in running the ad campaign. Routine evaluation will be done to find the best ad campaigns.

Campaign Analysis & Optimization

The most important thing to multiple client’s profits is analyze, analyze, and analyze. Trash out the un-profit traffic, increase the budget, and let see a huge profits in front of clients! It’s a simple way, hard to implementation, but you will get a fantastic profits.